United Nations Golf Club

United Nations Golf Club Statutes

Name and location 

  1. The name of the club is "The UN Golf Club, Vienna", hereinafter called "the club" 
  2. The club operates under the aegis of the staff councils at the VIC. 
  3. The club has its seat at the Vienna International Centre. 
  4. The working language of the club is English.


  1. The objective of the club is to provide an opportunity for its members to pursue their common interest in golf.


  1. Funds needed by the club are provided from membership fees, voluntary donations, grants and fund raising.


  1. Any individual employed by an international organization located at the VIC or an international organization or permanent mission accredited to the VIC-based international organizations may apply for membership. An individual who retires from service with any of the international organizations in the VIC may apply for membership. 

  2. Membership is open to family members of 4.1 above:   their dependents and family residents. 

  3. Others may join if sponsored by a member, subject to acceptance by the Executive Committee. The number of these special members shall be limited to not more than 10% of the full membership base.

  4. Memberships are renewable annually upon submission of the prescribed application form to the Committee at the start of the season, and after payment of the requisite membership fees for that season. 

  5. No part of the membership fee paid is refundable. 

  6. Memberships are not transferable. 

  7. All members must obey the Statutes and Rules of the club and the rules of golf as promulgated by The R&A.  Any member who fails to obey these rules or who fails to pay any debts incurred to the club may have their membership suspended or terminated.

Organs of the club

  1. The General Meeting is the highest authority in all matters related to the club. 
  2. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) normally takes place within the first two months of the calendar year. The AGM shall commence half an hour after the appointed time. 
  3. Extraordinary General Meetings may be called by the club's Executive Committee, or when requested by at least 20 per cent of the members. 
  4. Decisions at General Meetings are made either by general consensus or by vote.  In the event of a vote, a simple majority carries.  Members who cannot attend a General Meeting may lodge a written vote on any matter listed on the agenda by delivering a signed note witnessed by a club member to the Club Secretary no later than 24 hours before the General Meeting.
  5. The responsibility for administering the affairs of and implementing the decisions of the General Meeting rests with the Executive Committee. 
  6. The Executive Committee shall be composed of: 
    • President 
    • Vice President
    • Secretary 
    • Treasurer 
    • Club Captain 
    • Vice Club Captain
    • Vice Club Captain
    • Activities Convenor 
  7. At least two of the executive officers must be active staff members located at the Vienna International Centre. Other members of the Executive Committee may be drawn from the membership base of the club.
  8. One week's notice is required when a meeting of the Executive Committee is called. Four committee members shall constitute a quorum. 
  9. The Executive Committee takes all decisions necessary to fulfill the functions of the club, in accordance with these statutes, bylaws and financial rules of the club, and decisions of the AGM. 
  10. Committee members serve the club in an honorary capacity and may not receive any payment for their work. 
  11. The members of the Executive Committee are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations, which must be seconded, will be taken at this Meeting and a ballot taken for each post. Written nominations, complete with proposers and seconders, for any post may be submitted to the outgoing Secretary at least three days before the AGM. 
  12. The President represents the club in all matters. The Vice President shall assist the President, representing the Club in all matters. The Secretary is responsible for the recording of all minutes and decisions made by the club and keeps a record thereof, arranges for the typing and the distribution of all club correspondence and reports, including the maintenance of membership records. The Treasurer is responsible for the finances of the club and ensures the proper application of the Financial Rules of the club. The Club Captain is responsible for organizing the club's golf competitions. The Vice Club Captain shall assist the Club Captain in organizing the Club's golf competitions (including farewell games, friendly matches and special events). The Activities Convenor shall be responsible for organizing social activities of the Club and oversight of the UNGC website.  The Committee can delegate any of the foregoing or other duties to any member of the club. 
  13. All contracts and payments above Euro one hundred and fifty (€ 150) and legal instruments require the signatures of the Treasurer and that of either the President or the Secretary and be agreed to by the majority of the Executive Committee.


  1. The annual accounts of the club are closed on the 31 December of each calendar year. 
  2. The revenue of the club is derived from annual membership fees, entrance fees and any other fees as the club may decide upon annually at the Annual General Meeting. 
  3. The Treasurer is responsible for the custody of all club funds and the maintenance of accounts relating thereto, and acts as collecting and disbursing officer. 
  4. One auditor agreeable to the Staff Councils at the VIC will annually audit the club's accounts. 
  5. Members of the club are not entitled to receive any payment from UNGC funds except for the reimbursement of expenses incurred with the approval of the Executive Committee 


  1. The club may promulgate bylaws and financial rules that do not conflict with these Statues. 
  2. Such bylaws and financial rules or changes thereto are to be notified in writing to members at least 10 working days before the General Meeting. These proposals will enter into force only if approved by a two-thirds majority of members present and voting at the General Meeting. 

Amendments to the Statutes 

  1. These Statutes may be amended by a two-thirds majority of all members present and voting at the General Meeting. The decision to amend the Statutes and to hold such a vote is made by a simple majority of the Executive Committee members. These proposed amendments should be provided to all members in writing at least 10 working days before the General Meeting at which they are proposed. 

  2. Amendments to the Statutes enter into force immediately upon approval unless otherwise specified in the amendment. 

  3. Any amendments to the Statutes are notified to the Staff Councils of the international organizations located at the VIC.


  1. The club may be dissolved upon the signed request of at least two-thirds of the members of the club. 

  2. The VIC Recreation Committee or its successor body will determine the final disposition of any surplus funds or property of the club subsequent to its dissolution.


  1. The funds of the club are deposited in the name of the club in a regular business account or in such other account as may be designated from time to time by the Executive Committee. 

  2. The account or accounts are in a branch of a bank located at the VIC. 

  3. An audited statement of accounts will be submitted to all members 10 days before the Annual General Meeting that is to approve it.          

    Statutes Approved at AGM December 2014

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